Colorado, part 3


As we packed up our whole house into a moving truck (which was no small feat, mind you!  I was still packing boxes the morning of the move!), we were again overwhelmed by the care of those around us.  Friends and family came to help, and we were soon driving the long road from Phoenix to Denver.  Our best friends, Tyler and Lindsay Jenner, drove the moving van while Keith drove his car, and I drove the van with the boys.  My only goal for the road trip was that no one would throw up.  To my utter amazement, everyone was healthy the entire time!  Just to be safe, though, we brought the puke bowl, and Toby was dubbed “the puke bowl coordinator,” meaning it was his job to get the bowl to the vomiting child in time.  So glad he didn’t have to perform this all-important task.  CJ was dubbed “gift coordinator” meaning he passed out the small gifts I had wrapped and packed for them every hour on the hour (this was 3 days after Christmas, and I just hit the dollar section of Target and got them little presents in a desperate attempt at bribing them to behave).  Bo was dubbed the “snack coordinator” meaning every half hour on the half hour, he would pass out snacks.  It was a good system.  They watched an entire season of The Flintstones, and I still get this sick, exhausted, over-caffeinated feeling when I hear the theme music to the show.  I think they call that PTSD.

ANYways, we safely made it to our little apartment in Thornton, CO.  We pulled in and were met with a crowd of people who unloaded the moving truck in 20 min!  Not only that, but they put everything where it belongs, and everywhere I looked, people were serving us.  I looked in the kitchen and saw Tracy Payne stocking our fridge and pantry with groceries.  I looked in the boys’ bedroom and saw Ted Payne, Tony Renfrow, and a group of guys putting the boys’ beds together.  I opened the door to see Keek Hill bringing pizza in for everyone!  Someone set a giant gift basket on our fireplace, that was stocked with warm fuzzy pj’s for the boys, warm socks for me, water bottles for all 5 of us, a French press to replace the one I had just told Carrie Breheny I had broken, and gift cards to Sprout’s, Starbuck’s, Target, and probably some other places I forgot!  Somebody came up to me and said, “Are you Carrie?”  I said yes, and he handed me a gift card to Pizza Hut.  It was so overwhelming to be cared for so much, and such a vivid picture of what the church is called to be, a living body that builds itself up in love.  In the three months that have passed since then, the generosity has not ceased.  We have been given more meals, gifts, notes, babysitting offers, dinners out and people paying for our coffee at Starbuck’s than I can count!  I know I’m doing a really bad job remembering all the people and gifts, but that just shows how generous the church has been… I can’t even remember everything they’ve lavished us with!

Not only have they been generous with providing for our practical needs, but they have been gracious with us as a family.  There seems to be some stupid ridiculous lie in the general church culture that says The Pastor, The Pastor’s Wife, or The Pastor’s Kids are somehow on a pedestal and are not allowed to be sinful and screwed up like everyone else.  I don’t know where this idea comes from, but it doesn’t come from the Bible!  I have been extremely relieved to find that I am allowed to be a regular person in this church who is a sinner like everyone else, who needs the same Savior as everyone else, and our children are like everyone else’s children, who don’t act perfectly, and sometimes do crazy things or say crazy things and need the same Savior as every child in the church.  People here love Jesus and truly believe that He is their Savior, not any other person.  They believe that only Jesus has ever lived a perfect life, and don’t look to us to be perfect.  This is such a relief, as I most definitely will disappoint you in a matter of 2.8 seconds if you are looking to me to be The Pastor’s Wife who, like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way.

I got to see this modeled in our Gilbert church, pastors and pastors wives who considered themselves as nothing special, just regular members of the church, and now I get to see this in our new church, and it is so encouraging.

Also, this whole crazy/overwhelming/wonderful experience has grown my love not only of the church, but my love for the God who designed and loves his church.  I have been going to church my entire life and have seen some crazy things I never thought imaginable.  My faith in the church has been utterly shattered.  I saw infuriating hypocrisy.  I have seen the strongest, most devout people I thought I knew turn their backs on the very things they seemed to hold most dear.  I have seen ugly, I have seen maddening, I have seen soul-crushing, I have seen heartbreaking, I have seen despicable.  And really, if I’m honest, I don’t have to look far to see it.  I see it in the mirror.  I am just as capable of the very things I despise.  There have been times I have wanted to just walk away from the whole church thing and spend Sunday mornings at Starbuck’s, sipping coffee and not having to endure awkward conversations with people I don’t want to talk to.

BUT, through all of the church stuff, God has taught me much about what an amazing mystery this all is!  Isn’t it so like Him to do things the exact opposite we would imagine him to!  The perfectly holy God, who is untainted by sin, would pursue a people who are so marred by sin, do such ugly things, who are so weak, broken and frail.  And he would gather them all together as one collective body and call them his bride?!  Amazingly, HE gets the glory in this, not us!  We are not the church because we are better than everyone else.  We are not the church because we play by the rules and are clean and moral.  We are not even the church because we choose to spend our Sunday mornings together instead of on the golf course.  We are the church because God has called us, saved us, cleansed us of our sin by his doing and not our own, and has adopted us as his sons and daughters, which means we are now brothers and sisters in his family, like it or not!  Some of us are weird.  Some of us are awkward.  Some of us can be mean.  Some of us have terrible voices when we sing together and distract everyone around us because we sing loudly off-key and sometimes even the wrong words (I am all of those things, btw).  But because God has chosen us as his Bride, he is also sanctifying us, and one day there will be a gigantic Wedding Feast, where we will (finally!) be perfect, clothed in pure white!  We will be one, united in perfect love, and our Father promises that he will be with us, and we will be his people, and he will be our God.

And it will have been worth it!  It will have been worth all the overlooking offenses, forgiving, loving one another, taking interest in a conversation with someone we wouldn’t naturally “click” with.  It will be worth every tear, every insult, every offense, every heartache, every rejection, every disappointment.

I don’t have faith in the church, and I hope the church doesn’t have faith in me.  I have faith in a God who sent his Son for sinful, messy, screwballs like me, who is sanctifying his church, and who is our only hope to love one another until the day he returns and makes us perfect.

And?  It has been worth it these last many years since God saved me and joined me to his church.  It has been as painful… some of the most painful times of my life.  It is sometimes as painful to the heart as childbirth is to the body, but that’s the best kind of pain, because it’s a pain that ends with life!  When we are faithful to God’s plan for the church, and when we stick it out, there is joy on the other side!

So, again, thank you both Sovereign Grace Church in Gilbert, AZ, and Grace Community Church in Denver, CO.  Thank you for your love and your generosity to us, and for being the church with us and loving the Savior with us!  We are so happy to have been with SGC, and now GCC, and are so thankful for your love for the Savior and hope that we share in not us as a fallible group of sinners, but in a perfect Savior who will one day make all things right!

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Colorado, part 2


As Keith and I visited Denver and our future church family, we were overwhelmed by the kindness of the church.  They took us in, hosted us, took us to breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, gave us their cars to use for the weekend, asked how they could specifically pray for our boys (p.s. love my kids and I will be your friend for life!).  We got to spend more time with Glynn and Rebekah McKenzie (the senior pastor and his wife), and were so blessed by the humility and grace demonstrated by this fantastic couple.  Everything was going great, even though it was a whirlwind, until it all hit me on Sunday morning during worship.  I thought, “Right now Jason is leading worship, Rich is getting ready to preach, and Tyler and Lindsay are sitting right in front of where we normally sit… and we’re not there.  And we won’t be there anymore.”  And to my humiliation, I cried my eyes out.

But it was a good cry.  I still believed that God called us to Denver.  It was a good cry, not because I didn’t love being in the Denver church, but because we were SO cared for by our church in Gilbert.  We had spent ten years, our entire marriage, being faithfully taught the Bible week in and week out.  We had been taught to look to Jesus, not our pastors.  We were cared for by our small group and the love we all shared for one another.  We were cared for by our past small group leaders, who gently and graciously cared for us, walked through trials with us, encouraged us, and just loved us!  We enjoyed countless laughs, game nights, date nights with free babysitters, and dinners at friends’ houses, staying too late because we enjoyed their company too much.  We had worshipped together, cried together, watched each other grow up, get married, have babies, laugh at those babies who grew up to do embarrassing things and say hilarious stuff.  Our entire small group at the time was in the hospital (not the delivery room, let’s clarify!) when Toby was born.  We saw people get saved, turn to Jesus to be made right with God.  We prayed for each others’ unbelieving family and friends, and rejoiced together when we saw God answer those prayers!  We saw marriages healed, stagnant relationships with God restored and redeemed.  How could we leave that behind?

It was a good cry because we have been loved and have loved our church family for ten years.  That is a rare blessing.  It was a wonderful, painful ten years.  Things were difficult sometimes.  It wasn’t all game nights and laughter.  But it was a good, full ten years building with our church family.  I suspect the pain of moving on from that will not soon go away.

Shortly after we returned to Arizona, we were in a meeting with Glynn and the pastors at the Gilbert church, and Steve Shank told us, “Don’t think of this as you leaving.  Think of it as God sending you.”  That encouraged us many times in the days that followed.  If God is calling us, we will follow.  If he called us to China or Russia, we would follow.  It helps to know that God called us, especially when I think of all the good things we left behind and wonder, “Why did we leave that?”  Because ultimately, we are looking forward to the city that has a foundation, whose designer and builder is God, and more than anything, I want him to say to me, “I am not ashamed to be your God.  And I have prepared for you a city.”  And, because of what Jesus has purchased for me on the cross, taking God’s wrath for my sin, and giving me his righteousness and living a perfect life that I could never live, I am confident that I will hear that.  Not because of me.  Because of Jesus.  Every good gift is mine all because of Jesus.

Thank you, Sovereign Grace Church, for being so stinkin’ difficult to leave.  And thank you, Grace Community Church in Denver, for being so welcoming and gracious to us as we began a new church life here.

More on that in part 3…

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Colorado, part 1


Wow!  It’s a little insane to me that I haven’t blogged in almost a year, especially when SO MUCH has happened since my last post.  I thought I’d get the whole story out in case anyone was wondering how we got from Phoenix to Denver, and everything in between.

A year ago, as I recorded in my last blog entry, Keith went to the Desiring God 2013 Conference for Pastors.  He went there, not knowing what kind of future God had for him in ministry, if any.  He went there, trying to hold onto what he knows of who God is, that He is sovereign and good, even though he had no idea what the future held for us.  We were settled in our rental house, thoroughly enjoying Keith leading our care group, our boys were in a wonderful, dream-some-true school.  We were settled, yet unsettled with this dream and calling Keith felt in his life to be a pastor, but with no explanation why God would put that in his heart, and then leave us with no foreseeable outcome of this desire.

We were members of a wonderful Bible-teaching, caring and loving church called Sovereign Grace Church.  Keith was in the middle of a pastoral evaluation class, a class of men who shared this sense of “is God calling me into ministry?”  Our senior pastor, Rich, cared for Keith and I throughout this class, equipping Keith for possible future ministry and testing him through various reading and writing assignments.  He cared for me, through preparing me for and explaining what it means to be a pastor’s wife (which was such a weight off my shoulders to learn it just means I’m Keith’s wife!).

We were regularly meeting with Rich later that year, when all of a sudden (it felt like), out of nowhere, he asked us if we would consider praying about moving to Denver to join one of our sister churches for Keith to begin an 18-month-long internship.  WHAT?!?!?!  We were totally flabbergasted by this proposition, asked LOTS of questions, and my immediate reaction was, “No.  No.  I don’t like any of the things you’re saying.  This means I have to leave my family and friends and perfect school for my kids, and I don’t like that thought at all.”

Rich asked us to pray about it, and we would talk about it at our next meeting. I don’t think I slept for about a month afterwards!  Every time I thought about picking up our life in AZ and moving, I got a huge knot in my stomach.  Every time I thought about someone specific that we would have to leave, I would cry.  BUT, I could not shake this nagging feeling that this was EXACTLY what God had for us.  For Keith, this was literally a dream come true.

One morning, as I was still shaken by this idea, I was reading Hebrews 11, which God often uses to pierce my heart in jarring circumstances.  I was reading, once again, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance.  And he went out, not knowing where he was going.  By faith he went to live in the land of promise, as in a foreign land, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, heirs with him of the same promise.  For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God….  These all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth.  For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland.  If they had been thinking of that land from which they had gone out, they would have had opportunity to return.  But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one.  Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city”  (Hebrews 11:8-10, 13-16).  As I was reading, I felt God confirming to me, “This is what I have for you.  I am sending you out, to a place you don’t know.”  I don’t really know how to describe it, and I’m naturally a little skeptical when someone says that God spoke to them (especially when God just happens to say exactly what you want him to say!), but I did sense that God was confirming that this was his will for us, especially since it was so NOT what I naturally was inclined towards!

I shared this with Keith, and he had had a similar sort of confirmation sense that God was leading us to this.  We shared this with Rich at our next meeting, and it seemed to go pretty quickly after that.  Everyone we told this to was supportive, even if a little sad, and things just lined up, as if God was directing this! :)

Keith and I flew out to Denver in November to visit the church, look for an apartment, and get to know people.  We were so confused at all of the strange wet substances that was around the landscape.  We would later learn that these are called lakes and creeks and rivers.  Fascinating!  There were squirrels and prairie dogs and bunnies everywhere, and I felt like I was in a Disney movie.  I held my hand outstretched, waiting for a bird to land on my two fingers and sing a song with me!

Part 2 coming up…

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“I love Daddy because…”


About a month ago, Keith went out of town for the first time ever since being married!  He went with a group of guys from our church to the Desiring God Pastors’ Conference.  He was in cold Minneapolis for about 4 days and LOVED it!  Meanwhile, (other than thinking I heard murderers breaking into my house every night) I survived with the boys at home, which was a major relief.  One of the things that helped them not thinking about how much they missed their daddy was working on a “Welcome Home” project for when Keith got back.  I had each of them cut out paper hearts and write “I love Daddy because…” and hung them from the ceiling.  Toby’s are the red ones, CJ’s are the orange ones and Bo’s are the yellow.  Some were very sweet and some were hilarious.  I took pictures to remember them, but some are a little dark or blurry, so I’ll put a “translation” underneath.


“I love Daddy because he likes to play Candy Land with me.”  (Bo)

IMG_0120“I love Daddy because he makes the best breakfastses when you’re not here… like bananas and bread and bacon… mmmm… that makes me hungry.” (CJ)

IMG_0119“I love Daddy because he is my best bowler helper.” (Bo)  (He and Keith play this bowling computer game)


“I love Daddy because he reads to me.” (Toby)


“I love Daddy because he is the goodest.” (CJ)

IMG_0121“I love Daddy because I wake Dad up being a puppy.” (Bo)  (True story.  Every morning, Bo pretends to be a puppy and comes into our room to wake Keith up by licking his face and panting his morning breath)

IMG_0128“I love Daddy because he is my friend.” (Toby)

IMG_0123“I love Daddy because he is my best buddy.” (Bo)

IMG_0126“I love Daddy because he is God’s Son.” (CJ)

IMG_0127“I love Daddy because he sometimes plays the game where I run and jump on him.” (Bo)

IMG_0130“I love Daddy because he is for God.” (Toby)


These were only a few of the MANY responses they had.  They also had such a blast when Keith got home.  We turned off all the lights (he came home at night) and when he opened the door, they all jumped out and yelled “Welcome home, Daddy!” as we switched the lights on.  These boys love their Daddy :)

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Keith’s First Published Sermon

I haven’t blogged in ages, but I felt this is extremely blog-worthy, and have been meaning to do this for a really long time.

Keith is part of a group of guys at our church who are trying to see if God has called them to pastoral ministry, and they meet regularly and are given various assignments.  One of the assignments was to write a short sermon, and they posted Keith’s on our church’s website!  I know I’m kind of completely biased, but I thought it was outstanding, so I wanted to share it with both of you who read this blog :)

Click here to read his sermon, plus a way better explanation of this pastoral evaluation group than the one I just gave.

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First Day of School

This year is the first year that the majority of our kids are in school all day.

CJ started 1st grade…

… and Toby started 2nd grade.

And Bo gets to just hang out for another year before he starts kindergarten :)

This is also the first year that I get to drop them off at the same place at the same time, they get to have lunch and recess together, and I get to pick them up at the same place and time!  It is the cutest thing to see them walk off to the playground together in the mornings.

Toby protecting CJ and showing him how to line up… it was chaos the first day!

I had a super-fun first day alone with Bo!

First we watched his favorite movie in the world, Bambi 2

Then we went to Story Time at Barnes & Noble and Bo got to throw a penny in the fountain on the way in (his favorite thing!)

He was SO excited he got to eat his lunch out of his new Spiderman lunchbox at the Cafe.

Then I got to do some clothes shopping (I have never done this with kids before)!

We call him Chitter-Chatter Bo when he talks nonstop, and he always turns into Chitter-Chatter Bo in the car, when his brothers aren’t there to compete for air time. :)

I was really sad the boys were going back to school, because I was having so much fun hanging out with them over the summer, but it is really nice to have some one-on-one time with Bo, and to actually feel like I’m able to keep up with things at home (for the first time in about 7 years!).

I’m so proud of Toby and CJ, too!  They’ve been working so hard, keeping up with homework, studying for spelling tests, remembering to bring all their stuff to and from school.  It’s this whole new world of school-age kids, rather than babies and toddlers.  And I like it!  (Of course, if I hated it, I probably wouldn’t write that on my blog… but whatever!)

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

This has been the most fun summer I think we’ve ever had.  I love that the boys are old enough to really enjoy stuff, and now that we have a backyard, there was so much more we could do.  I was really sad when they had to go back to school.  I had so much fun hanging with them.Toby shocked us with how good he is at baseball.  He has an amazing arm, and can hit the ball really far (which ended in our neighbors getting lots of Nerf balls in their backyard while they were on vacation).

Bo made a Jenga tower

Watermelon!Since CJ has a summer birthday, on one of the last days of school, he got to have all the kids sing “Happy birthday” to him (and Bo got to stand next to him while they did).  I’m not sure who enjoyed it more: CJ or Bo.
We had many Star Wars lightsaber battles, and Darths Maul & Vader made regular appearances in our living room.
I got to have lunch with Keith at his new job :)The boys tortured their very tired fatherAnd then seemed to lose their mindsEverything’s a competition/race in this house

I found out I am actually Mr. Incredible’s mother (who knew?)

Their favorite thing to do

We enjoyed long, late breakfasts without being hurried off to school

They have a rock wall for the kids at our gym

We went here a lot (there’s not much else to do in AZ in the summer)

Bo’s favorite part was falling down

CJ got really good!

Falling down is really fun when you’re up high

They also had P.E. here, which saved my life when trying to think of stuff to do!

Toby’s getting good at basketball, too!

Making an epic fort to sleep in

4th of July… Keith grilling burgers in the rain

This was the best burger of my life… which made up for these disappointing made-from-scratch bacon bourbon baked beans (note to self: just buy the canned beans next time!)

Flag Cheesecake

Much to my chagrin, fireworks in our backyard

Then, our neighbors invited us over to see their fireworks in the street.  This was the first time the boys have seen fireworks!

Toby got to go scorpion-hunting late at night with Keith.  He had been looking forward to this for like a month.CJ was the first to fall asleep after all the excitement.

Bo was so excited about everything on this day.

The first time the boys have ever been inside In & Out, visiting Daddy at work.  They were shocked that there was actually an inside, they thought it was just a drive-thru.

As Bo bit into this burger, he said, “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

Working on his tan

At Amazing Jake’s for CJ’s birthday

That blur is our children.  Keith & I both almost threw up on the teacups, and for the first time felt like the lame parents who can’t go on the rides because they’re too exciting.  Sad day. :)

Catching raindrops on their tongue
Rainy sky from our backyard

I found this pool at Target, and it saved us from many hot bored afternoons.

The end.

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Keith + Carrie, The Wedding (Part 2)

These bells said,

“Keith & Carrie are now Mr. & Mrs.

Ring this bell and they’ll share kisses.

Kind of like dinging the glass with the fork so the bride and groom kiss, only everyone was supposed to ring the bells.  I think I’m the only one who kept picking it up and ringing it, haha!


 I have absolutely no memory of this moment, of throwing the bouquet.  I see pictures of it, so I know it happened, but I seriously do not remember one bit of this!

See that look on my face?  I was mad because the owner of our reception place had just photobombed all our pictures of us cutting the cake (except this one).  I hide my emotions real well. ;)

See all those rose petals surrounding that plain white cake?  Yeah, those are supposed to be on top of the cake, like this:

When we walked into the reception, I took one look at the cake and told Keith, “It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter.  I just want to get married today.”  And it didn’t matter.  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it tasted great, and no one cared that it was just a plain cake (at least, no one said anything to me.  Which was smart.  I would have punched their lights out.)

I couldn’t stop giggling at this part, with the unity candle because… I don’t remember, I think my candle blew out or something, and I just kept thinking “That’s not a good sign…” and couldn’t stop laughing at that thought.  I find myself incredibly funny sometimes.
Aw, it’s our first kiss ever!  haha, yeahright!
We kept laughing during this picture, because our photographer & videographer got into a shouting match over the lighting, and we were just stuck in this pose listening to them fight.Our first dance

I love this pictureHappy to be Mrs. Keith DaukasAh, I love this picture, too.  It makes my heart happy when Chris & Tara sing together.All I remember from Chris’ best man speech is him saying “This is a special Hem-Wah.”  (There’s a Keith story behind that word).Is there any occasion where I can possibly wear this dress again?  Can we get remarried to each other?  And register again?  For stuff I could actually use, instead of useless crap I though would be fun, like a snow-cone maker?Can we ride in this limo again?  And can I be wearing this dress?  …No?  That’s weird?  Okay, fine!This is another favorite picture :)This is my neice, Taylor.  She’s, like, 19 now.She was/is the cutest!  I remember shopping for this flower girl dress with Tara.  That feels like 1,000 years ago.“I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Newly married!

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Keith + Carrie, The Wedding (part 1)

June 6, 2003.  One of the happiest days of my lives.  But only because I married Keith on that day.  The wedding itself was interesting.  It was beautiful but somewhat comical.  I’ll explain with pictures below.

Our wedding was glorious because of everything it meant.  I was marrying my best friend, my one and only true love, and signing up to be with him “till death do us part.”  The wedding itself was not, however, glorious for all the reasons I had been dreaming about since the day my brain produced waves.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I started thinking about sheer veils and diamond rings and rose petals strewn across the ground probably even before I was born.  I remember finding flowers in my backyard when I was little, and instead of playing “he loves me, he loves me not” with the petals, I dropped the petals one by one and walked solemnly over them, imagining a flowing train and veil behind me.  Apparently, I thought the flower girl and bride were the same thing.  And apparently, I also thought that getting married was a very serious, somber event.  At least, that’s how I walked over my flower petals.

I spent so much time thinking about brides and weddings and all the details involved.    Who I would marry barely crossed my mind.  It was really just one more accessory to my fairytale dream wedding.  When I perfectly mapped out my Barbie’s wedding, the tuxedo Ken groom was just tossed to the front, without a second thought.  My future husband was as generic as that Ken doll.

Then, I grew up, and still thought about getting married a lot, but at least had the sense not to throw myself pretend weddings in the backyard.  I mean, not anymore.  In my high school home ec class, we had an assignment to plan a wedding, which I secretly adored, but went along with everyone else, complaining about how much work it was and how long it took.

Then I grew up even more and got to an age where I could, finally, legally marry.  The only problem was that no one was asking.  Not even for a date.  Then my friends started to one by one, go on dates, get boyfriends, become engaged and get married.  All I had going for me was the 5 foot supercreepo with a giant (like bigger than a quarter) black earring who always wanted to talk to me at church, and who would follow me around the room where our college group met.  (Once enough girls turned him down, he eventually fell off the face of the earth).  I remember feeling like such a loser.  I was twenty years old and had never even been on a date before!  Then I started to wonder if I would be by myself forever.  I watched “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and cried and commiserated with Bridget when she sang “All By Myself” on her couch.

Then one day, out of nowhere, my hilarious and cute friend Keith asked me on a date.  Actually, he asked me if I wanted to do something, and I said, “Sure, I’ll invite some girls, you invite some guys, and we can all see a movie or something.”  So he had to clarify.  “No, psycho, I am asking you out on a date.  You probably don’t recognize someone asking you out because it hasn’t happened to you EVER but I want to see if you will make a good future Mrs. Daukas, mother to three boys, etc.”  Just kidding, he didn’t say any of that.  Not on our first date, at least. :)

The rest is history.  I’ve already blogged it and I always have a nagging feeling that when I talk about our relationship this much someone is out there ready to stick a fork in their eye, so I’ll just cut to the chase.

Once we were engaged, I threw myself into planning this wedding.  I spent countless hours pouring over wedding magazines (this was in the dinosaur ages before pinterest and when one friend made fun of me for buying things online!).  I put my heart and soul into finding the perfect flowers, cake, invitations, and obviously, dress!  Ah, if only I knew then that that stuff is so fleeting.  When you’ve been married for longer than like a year, you don’t even remember day to day (or care) what your wedding looked like.  What you are aware of is your marriage.  Your marriage lasts your entire life, your wedding lasts one day.  In the end, we did have lovely flowers and cake and my dress was gorgeous, so everything served its purpose, it just didn’t live up to the hype I had created for it (and obviously, what could possibly have lived up to such high expectations?).

Okay, this is getting long again.  I’ll post pictures in “Part 2” or else this will be one mammoth blog post.

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I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog anything like wedding pictures, but saw this and wanted to post it.  Once my kids are back in school, I’ll blog again.  That’s what I tell myself, at least.  Bacon.

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